KD Hotels Santorini

Welcome to our family-owned group of hotels, Santorini’s leading hotel chain.

Our hotels can be the absolute destination for families, group of friends, honeymooners or anyone who desires a highly standard accommodation.

KD Hotels remain synonymous with great hospitality.


Excellent Service

KD Hotels' perfectly trained staff will be by your side during your stay ready to take care of all that you might need.

Our aim is to turn your stay in an unforgettable experience that you will want to share with everyone.

Our Commitment

People of KD Hotels are ready to give all guests the essence of a memorable experience. We are proud to be considered as the heart and soul of hospitality.


Modern Design

KD Hotels are carefully designed and tastefully decorated. Rooms and Public Areas are bright and modernly furnished.


KD Hotels provide new standards of luxury accommodation on its guests and is one of the most prestigious Hotel Brands in the whole island of Santorini.

Leading Hotel Group in Santorini

Step into a luxurious world where professional staff takes great pride in their ability to assist and meet every conceivable need of the guests.



Explore one of the most visited island of Greece and one of the most known in the world. The black pearl of the Aegean Sea, this island conquers by the beautiful landscapes, the blue dome churches and by the deep blue sea.

KD Hotels

Our collection consisted of seven different hotels located in the most beautiful and vibrant spots across world’s top destination island of Santorini.